President - Julian Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes of West Stafford


The Lord Lieutenant of Dorset
The Chairman of Dorset County Council
The Chairman of West Dorset District Council
The Mayor of Dorchester
The President of the Society of Dorset Men
The Director of the Dorset County Museum
The Lady Digby
Professor Roger Ebbatson
Professor Norman Page
Dr Anthony Fincham
Professor Mary Rimmer
Professor S. Fukasawa
Mr Furse Swann
Mrs Helen Gibson
Professor Dennis Taylor
Professor Jane Thomas
Professor Michael Irwin
Professor Keith Wilson
Mr T William Jesty
Mrs Vera Jesty
Mr Andrew Leah
Mr Phillip Mallett
Professor Michael Millgate
Professor William W. Morgan

The Council of Management:

Mr Mark Chutter (Academic Director)

Mrs Sue Clarke (Minutes Secretary)

Dr Tony Fincham (Chairman)

Rev. Richard Franklin (Dorset Museum - the Hardy Archives)

Mrs Helen Gibson (Dorset Museum - Honourary Curator of the Hardy Archives)

Dr Tracy Hayes (Secretary; Website & Social Media Director)

Mrs Hannah Jefferson (National Trust Representative)

Mrs Helen Lange

Mr Andrew Leah (Vice Chairman; Dorset Museum - the Hardy Archives)

Mrs Marilyn Leah 

Dr Steph Meek (Journals Editor)

Mr Mark North (Website & Social Media)

Professor Graham Roberts (Treasurer)

Ms Rebecca Shipp (Student Representative)

Mrs Dee Tolfree (Publications; Merchandise)

Mrs Patricia Withers (Membership Secretary)

Mr Andy Worth (The New Hardy Players representative)

Auditors: Kennedy Legg of Dorchester

Press & Media enquiries – Dr Tracy Hayes (Secretary) 

Mobile 07867 666737

Email: info@hardysociety.org

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