An album by Gordon Thompson

Neutral Tones: Song Settings of the Poetry of Thomas Hardy

An album by Gordon Thompson

Song settings of the poetry of Thomas Hardy by Gordon Thompson. The idea was to set a range of Thomas Hardy's poetry to contemporary music. Many thanks to TK Bollinger (recording and production) for the long journey. Thanks also to Mark T3 Hughes for production on some of the tracks.

Released February 9, 2020

Gordon Thompson - music, production, resonator guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, harmonica, Black Diamond Cigar Box guitar, vocal.
Lauren Bell - flute.
Lara Thompson - vocal (The Drummer) and backing vocal (The Voice).
Thomas Kress (aka TK Bollinger) - recording, mixing.
Mark Hughes - recording, mixing, piano.
Martin Pullan - mastering all tracks except 'Lyonesse'

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© Gordon Thompson 2020

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