'When I Set Out From Lyonesse', 'Weathers', 'In the Small Hours' and 'The Voice'

Settings for Baritone and Piano by John Whittaker

'When I Set Out From Lyonesse', 'Weathers', 'In the Small Hours' and 'The Voice'

These two songs are from a group of 5 Hardy settings for Baritone and Piano. 'When I Set Out From Lyonesse' and 'Weathers' are sung by baritone Mike Sanderson, 'In the Small Hours' and 'The Voice' are sung by baritone Peter Edge. I wrote to them soon after my Hardy opera - based on 'The Three Wayfarers'. They were written at the suggestion of Stephen Connock,  who was at the time the chairman of the Vaughan Williams Society and had been impressed by my little opera. He had in mind a project involving recording a collection of settings of Hardy's poetry for voice and piano and persuaded me to try my hand at making some new settings for the recording. The project never actually came to fruition, but the songs I wrote remain. If anyone wishes to hear other songs or obtain the music, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

The songs can be heard here:

When I Set Out From Lyonesse


In the Small Hours


The Voice


© John Whittaker 2023

John can be contacted at: https://john-whittaker.org



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