An Original Adaptation by Swords & Clapboards

'What the Shepherd Saw'

An original adaptation by Swords & Clapboards

This image may be subject to copyright

This image may be subject to copyright

All images © Rose Goldthorp.            

Swords and Clapboards are a mother-daughter team who run a new 'Costume Film' prodco established in 2020. Ann-Marie Goldthorp is a co-adapter and producer (ie project manager). Rose Goldthorp is a co-adapter and director, or production team member.

We make Family Friendly, adapted, period Brit. lit. feature films. We also make original, comic fantasy (swords and sourcery) features.

Our films celebrate and disseminate the heritage of Britain's and its counties' landscapes and literature.

We are a Social Enterprise which engages in Professional Community Film Production. This means that the largest portion of each film's profits go towards the support of a county's inhabitants and its local charities, British heritage, and young film makers.

90% or more of the work is done by the local county inhabitants.
This professional (high quality and paid) work is done as a social and artistic activity, as well as offering local investors a financial return and community involvement.
Everyone is paid reasonable wages and 'name' (famous) actors are asked to be considerate of the community in their demands
There will be considerable local amateur and volunteer involvement in e.g. supports' and extras' acting, production and distribution help.
Each counties' films' distribution will start at the local county level.

Please feel free to visit our website:

Adaptation © Swords and Clapboards 2021

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