Hardy Conference 2018

Conference 2018

The 23rd International THOMAS HARDY Conference & Festival
Saturday 14th to Saturday 21st July 2018
The Society’s 50th anniversary will be mainly focused on the Festival and Conference which will take place from 14th to 21st July.  The change of date from the traditional last week of July is because we hope to encourage schools and students to participate, and to organise events in some cases. 

The format will be different from recent years, so that we can put the emphasis on the festive.  Many events are already planned but the most important thing to publicise now is that we will be celebrating the opening weekend at Kingston Maurward, as that is where the Society began – and the rest of the week at the United Church in South Street, Dorchester. 

There will also be accommodation available at Kingston Maurward. There will be commemorative merchandise on sale at the Festival, commissioned by our Merchandise Manager, Vivien Geddes, whose artistic and organisational skills have been of great value to us during the last three years. 

As usual there will be lectures, seminars, Call for Papers, Walks and Tours and book launches, as well as special celebratory events.  We plan to publish a provisional programme by mid November.  


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