News from the Chairman and Secretary

In Time of the 'Breaking of Nations'

Who would have thought, that in a few short weeks, normal life, in so many countries world-wide, could have been shut down so comprehensively?

Probably - only Thomas Hardy!

A message from our Chairman:

‘Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.’
Hardy’s aphorism accords well with the bizarre circumstances we find ourselves in as politicians attempt to grapple with the novel Corona virus epidemic. Hardy, guided by Darwinian principles that all living creatures share a common origin, would have ampaigned against the cruel maltreatment of fellow mammals which allowed the Corvid-19 virus to transmute from bats to humans; and would perhaps have seen a poetic justice in this sport which the President of the Immortals is now playing with our lives.
In practical terms state-imposed lockdown means that the THS has had to suspend all activities until further notice. The April Trumpet-Major Study Day has been postponed until the Autumn, your Council of Management has been unable to meet, and the June Birthday Weekend and the July Festival-Conference are all in doubt. Tracy Hayes & I hope to make a definite decision with regard to these events by the beginning of May and will keep all members posted via our website, social media and the THS Newsletter.
All I can do is pray that you all remain healthy and happy during this confinement.
Plenty of time to read Hardy – and memorise all those favourite poems.
No excuse now for not having read The Dynasts!
It is perfectly possible to read and enjoy the whole of the epic poem, which Hardy regarded as his magnum opus, within 24 hours: I have done so.
Let us try to counter this pandemic and all the strange circumstances which it generates with loving-kindness: Hardy’s ultimate solution to all the ills of mankind.
Good wishes to all.
 Tony Fincham
Hon. Chairman, the THS.
 29th March 2020.

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......... and from our Secretary, Tracy Hayes:

As your Secretary I would like everyone to know that we at the THS are in constant communication with each other and our members to ensure we remain up-to-date with the information we share with you. For those members who have booked and paid for event tickets in advance we would like to reassure you that, should the event be cancelled, full refunds will be issued immediately. At this time of uncertainty we continue to work behind the scenes amending our programme of events, heeding both medical and government advice. Our Journal Editor is working hard to see that the Spring journal is delivered on time, our Academic Director has moved the in-school poetry workshops online, our Membership Secretary continues to keep all membership related issues running smoothly, and our website and social media platforms are updated daily. 
I am still receiving emails from all over the world from people who are looking into family connections with Hardy and his relatives, interesting pieces of news regarding discoveries made and collections to be donated, and excellent pieces for inclusion on the Adaptations page on the website. If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact me:
My best wishes to you and yours, and I look forward to happier days when we may all once again come together to share in our love of the great man!
Tracy Hayes
Hon Secretary, the THS

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