Subscription Rates to Change in Accordance with new Regulations

c/o Kingston Maurward College, Kingston Maurward, Dorchester

Dorset DT2 8PY

Tel: 07867 666 737




14th September 2021

Dear Members,

Our subscriptions have remained unchanged since 2012. Postage, printing, and office rental charges have all increased, along with new VAT charges having been implemented.

We have been carefully monitoring our costs. The result is that we need to update our fee structure. The information below sets out these changes. The new structure becomes effective from 1st January 2022. Electronic rates have been simplified.

Please make a note of your Personal Renewal Date and use the new rate when appropriate. Memberships run from the renewal date for 365 days.

What if I do not know my Renewal date?

Please use the methods below to contact the Membership Secretary:


Phone : 01747 840346

Write to: The Hardy Society,

C/O Kingston Maurward College

Kingston Maurward


Dorset. DT2 8PY


Annual Membership
To Receive a Printed Copy along with Electronic Access to the THS Journals

Individual - UK: £28.00 Code: 201 | Overseas: £40.00 Code: 209
Student (under 25 years old) - UK: £16.00 Code: 202 | Overseas: £30.00 Code: 210
Joint Membership* - UK: £34.00 Code: 203 | Overseas: £45.00 Code: 211
Corporate Membership - UK: £45.00 Code: 204 | Overseas: £55.00 Code: 212

* Joint Membership is limited to one address

** Please note that these prices include postage incorporating the new VAT regulations implemented in July 2021 for any item posted overseas

To have Electronic Access only to the THS Journals

IndividualUK: £20 Code: 205 | Overseas: £20.00 Code: 213
Student (under 25 years old) - UK: £10.00 Code: 206 | Overseas: £10.00 Code: 214
Joint Membership* - UK: £25.00 Code: 207 | Overseas: £25.00 Code: 215

Schoolchildren 13 – 18 years old: - UK: free Code: 222 | Overseas: free Code: 222

For all enquiries please email Mrs Pat Withers - THS Membership Secretary -

We gratefully thank you all for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you to more news and events in the future!







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