A THS Conference/Festival Evening with Dorset Film Maker Rose Goldthorp

Hardy's Regrets: Three Ghost Stories and a Comedy

A THS Conference/Festival Evening with Dorset Film Maker Rose Goldthorp

Tuesday 26th July at 6.00pm - The United Church, Dorchester

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This is a filmed short story anthology which has been created largely by local amateurs as a community project. The Royal Manor Theatre in Portland generously allowed the use of their stage and costumes, and actors from various Dorset amateur dramatic groups such as the New Hardy Players, as well as local crew, have kindly volunteered their time. The film is a community 'No Budget' feature and will be airing for the first time at this conference, followed by a q&a session with Rose Goldthorp, the creator.

Rose Goldthorp graduated from the University of Auckland, NZ, with a BA in Marketing and Communications with TV and Film. She has made five feature films and over 18 shorts in her spare time while at school and university.

After graduating in 2020, she immigrated back to the UK, and launched her transmedia website, The Greenlands, for which (along with social media platforms) she draws, writes, uploads and records her fantasy drama podcast; art work; digital storyboards (of the Greenlands films); illustrated blogs; short films; and cartoon strips and affiliated “shops”.

She has also just launched her second transmedia website about the other half of her work: period British literature films. From the new year (2022) onwards, she will also be starting a podcast series on this project's web site The Daily Dilettante.

Dramatic podcasts of Thomas Hardy adaptations start early in 2022. Rose is busy co-adapting various period British literature novels (she has already co-adapted 5 period novels) with a view, eventually, to making these adaptations as films and TV mini-series. She is currently concentrating on Thomas Hardy's three Novels of Ingenuity.

This event is free to full conference delegates. However tickets can be purchased for £10 (£8 for members) here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hardys-regrets-with-dorset-film-maker-rose-goldthorp-tickets-311299133087

For any enquiries please contact THS Secretary - Dr Tracy Hayes - info@hardysociety.org




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