Celebrating Hardy's Poetry and Music

Wessex Love Songs - Created by Arthur Keegan

Celebrating Hardy's Poetry and Music

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Album Project Art Work by Georgie Fay

I'm pleased to say our campaign for the Hardy album is live! This project has been a labour of love since we started in 2018. We are collating a whole album of music responding to Hardy's poetry across 100 years (1923-2023). Re-imagining famous songs, giving voice to previously lost music and extending the tradition with new music too.

Our campaign is for people interested in the project to buy pre-releases of the album (and some other goodies) to help fund its creation. If we raise the funds the recording will be ready for release in May 2024.

We have support from fifteen institutions already but in a challenging arts funding landscape the approach of engaging a core community of fans is ever more important and invaluable. This campaign is for the crucial 20% - we are raising the other 80% of funds elsewhere but this is the core funding.

There is more information about the poetry and music, as well as video and audio clips and clear ways of supporting at the campaign page HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wessexlovesongs/help-us-record-an-album-celebrating-hardys-poetry-and-music




Please check out the campaign, if you can support directly - thank you so much! However, sharing the project with broader networks is fantastically helpful too - we are desperate to get the magic combination of Hardy's poetry and music in front of as many eyes as possible!

I was interviewed for the SoundWeavers podcast all about this project which is available anywhere you get your podcasts (Spotify link here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Egu8WcdfaX8HCqLsROBBJ?si=30eb20799b374a1c )

Arthur Keegan - Composer

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