A Joint Society Day Hosted by the Thomas Hardy Society and the T.E. Lawrence Society

Thomas Hardy and T.E. Lawrence - Their Friendship and Milieu

A Joint Society Day Hosted by the Thomas Hardy Society and the T.E. Lawrence Society

Saturday 1st April, 10.00am at the Town Hall in the Corn Exhange Building, Dorchester

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A day of lectures, panels and interactive workshops, this is a joint society event focussing on the friendships, influences and milieu of both Thomas Hardy and T.E. Lawrence. Introduced to each by Robert Graves, Lawrence became a valued friend and frequent visitor at Max Gate. Famously he was the only guest at the house that Wessex the Terrier didn't attempt to bite! Lawrence was devastated by Hardy's death, and remained a close friend of Florence Hardy until his own death. 


9.30am - Registration

10.00am - Welcome from Mark Chutter and Neill Childs

10.15-11.15 - Panel Session: Tracy Hayes - 'Who was Thomas Hardy?'; Marilyn Holehouse - 'Who was T.E. Lawrence?'

11.15-11.30 - Morning Break

11.30-12.30 - Keynote Lecture 1: Mark Chutter - 'Hardy and Lawrence at Max Gate'

12.30-1.30 - Lunch

1.30-2.30 - Keynote Lecture 2: Mark Chutter - 'Florence and Lawrence: The Letters'

2.30-3.00 - Martin Gething: 'Hardy and Lawrence Connections'

3.00-3.30 - Afternoon Break

3.30-4.30 - Speaker Q&A Panel

4.30 - Wine Reception

A restaurant will be booked for those who would like to meet for dinner in the evening.

Tickets cost: £40 or £20 for unwaged/students. This includes talks, refreshments, a buffet lunch and the wine reception.

Please book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thomas-hardy-and-te-lawrence-their-friendship-and-milieu-tickets-522538044357

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact THS Secretary - Dr Tracy Hayes - info@hardysociety.org



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