A Park the size of 140 football pitches is planned

Solar Park Threatens Hardy Country

A Park the size of 140 football pitches is planned

The planned 180 acre park is located betweeen Lillington, Leweston, Longburton, Bailey Ridge, Leigh, Yetminster, Beer Hackett and Knighton.


* It is a MASSIVE development – 180+ acres, 140 football pitches or half the size of the Agusta Westland site and airfield in Yeovil, 4 x size of Longburton, 2 x size of Yetminster; 1.5 km long by 900 m wide. Is this sympathetic to the local area?
* It will affect the beautiful character and amenity of your local landscape that benefits from ancient oaks, wildlife rich hedgerows and historic droves.
* The 180 acres of south facing solar panels will be seen from Batcombe Ridge (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Why build on a greenfield site?
* The site has well used footpaths (including the Macmillan Way) and bridleways that provide outstanding visual quality. Will this affect your family, your dogs and horses?
* The Blackmore Vale is an ancient, distinctive and historic landscape; will such a development enhance the local environment?
* The Ecology Survey lists badgers, bats, otters, dormice, reptiles, birds, amphibians, invertebrates, brown hares, common toads, hedgehogs and polecats. There is also a healthy population of deer. What will happen to their current natural habitat?
* Flooding: solar farms can increase water runoff into rivers – Bailey Ridge Lane and Bow Bridge in Yetminster could be affected.
* Higher Stockbridge Farm is privately owned; the panels will not be installed on the immediate 60+ acres surrounding the landowner’s farmhouse. Is this fair and reasonable?
* The developer & operator, Voltalia, is a French company. Will they care about preserving our British countryside? They have no funds set aside to dismantle the panels in 35 years’ time, if it were to go ahead. We will be left with a permanent brownfield site.

You may have your own reasons to object, please use them.

Write a letter with your reasons against the solar park and email or post it to:
Email: Richard.Temple@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Or write to Mr Richard Temple, Senior Planning Office for Major Applications, Dorset Council, South Walks House, South Walks Road, Dorchester, DT1 1UZ
Please include the words “Please make my objection public.”

Go online: https://planning.dorset.gov.uk/online-applications/

and enter this reference: WD/D/19/003181 and follow the online instructions.

o You don’t have to live locally to object; ask your friends and family who visit the area and benefit from all its amenities to object too.
o Objections are per person (18+) and not per household, the more objections the better.
o You can object more than once if you wish to add more reasons for your objection.

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This is the beautiful valley that will be effected! Please help!



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