Oppose Cultural Vandalism!

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Oppose Cultural Vandalism!

A plea from Dorchester Town Crier Alistair Chisholm:

Join the Thomas Hardy Society in asking a question of Dorset Council regarding this proposed development which is now referred to as “North of Dorchester Garden Community.” THS Chairman Tony Fincham used the expression “cultural vandalism” and has referenced a similar threat to “Bronte Country”. This could well form part of a question and STAND feels it important to make councillors aware of the breadth of the opposition to this proposal.

Public questions need to be received three full working days before the meeting at which they are being asked and can be asked at both Full Dorset Council meetings and Dorset Council cabinet meetings.

There is one more Full Dorset Council meeting before the end of this year and the expected publication of the Local Plan in January 2021. This meeting is worth targetting as all 82 members of Dorset Council will hear both the question and the answer/reply. This meeting will take place on Thursday 10th December 2020.

The question, or questions (you’re allowed to ask two) to this full council meeting need to be directed at the Leader (Cllr. Spencer Flower) or a relevant Cabinet member (e.g.. Cllr. David Walsh, Cabinet member for Planning) and emailed to: susan.dallison@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

The next Dorset Council Cabinet meeting takes place on Tuesday 8th December 2020 and the process is the same but the email with the question/s should be addressed to:

The more pressure we can exert on this issue before the Public Consultation in January 2021, the better. Sadly, with the pandemic, fewer people than ever are aware of the threat to this singular part of Hardy’s parish and the setting of “Casterbridge” - not to mention the fact that covering the countryside in concrete, tarmac and brick flies in the face of Dorset Council’s declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency !

In terms of councillors I’d suggest writing to both the Leader Councillor. Spencer Flower email: cllrspencer.flower@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

and the Cabinet member for Planning Councillor. David Walsh email: cllr.davidwalsh@outlook.com who should both be copied into any correspondence written directly to the Planning Department of Dorset Council.

In terms of the Planning Department I would recommend writing to:

Ms Hilary Jordan
Spatial Planning
Dorset Council
South Walks House

Hilary’s email is: hilary.jordan@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Let’s get those pens penning and those keys keying……

What is very clear is that we’ll have to work together to stand any chance of defeating the vested interests of landowners, developers (including Persimmon) and, most dishearteningly, Dorset Council itself.

Cheers and Oyez

Alistair Chisholm

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