A Dedication from Mark Chutter

R.I.P. Warren Davis 30th September 1937 - 11th November 2021

A Dedication from Mark Chutter

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Warren Davis- The Early Years


I had a special bond with Warren. I cultivated his acquaintance through his godson Miles. Coincidentally, it transpired that his mother, Margerie, was a  Sunday School teacher to my grandmother at the Mill Street Mission in Fordington. 'Miss Hooper was wonderful and so kind' exclaimed my grandmother when she had afternoon tea with Warren at Came Rectory in 2002. It was at Mill Street Mission where Margerie met her husband Walter Davis (a policeman). The birth of Warren is described in the 'Mill Street Musings'. Alongside her dedication to supporting the disadvantaged in Fordington , she also worked for Woods of Dorchester. Warren was then sent to Sherborne School to study when he was older. The motto for Mill Street Mission was 'Others' and this sentiment was at the heart of Warren Davis. He was kind, generous and loving .I used to write to him from across Europe on my travels usually from the Amalfi Coast and more recently from Sissinghurst. My last card just missed him - how poignant.I will miss Warren- his friendship, his intelligence , his humour and his measured understanding of the world around him.He was passionate about Barnes and Hardy and an avid reader.He always wanted me to write a book about Fordington and hopefully this will soon be realised  .Thank you Warren for everything and for teaching me to be myself ( albeit a decadent bohemian!).


Mark Damon Chutter


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