A Lament by Dorchester Town Crier Alistair Chisholm

Thomas Hardy’s Loss

A Lament by Dorchester Town Crier Alistair Chisholm

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Oyez ! Oyez ! Oyez !

In “Mellstock” Church lies Hardy’s heart, his “Casterbridge” nearby,

But the Local Plan now threatens this landscape and this sky !

His Parish it could soon be lost beneath concrete, brick and tar,

Four thousand houses could be built and each will have its car.

This will not help with climate change, in fact will make it worse.

A few will make a fortune; for the rest ’twill be a curse !

This site is truly timeless for all who love the town,

A taste of nature set within the valley and the down.

These developers will not be building the homes we know we need,

But only those which make the most to feed their endless greed.

Our countryside and wildlife would be lost for no good reason,

Our market town made urban sprawl - an act akin to treason.

Rethink the Plan, there’s time , you can, and build on brownfield sites,

Rethink the Plan, and make one which all of us unites.



Alistair Chisholm Town Crier of Dorchester September 2022

This image may be subject to copyright                           This image may be subject to copyright

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