The two Mansel-Pleydell Trust essay competitions are open to anyone resident in the Dorset (including Poole and Bournemouth) or having past or present connectinos with the county.

Mansel-Pleydell & Cecil Memorial Trust Essay Competitions

Prizes of up to £1000 awarded

Mansel-Pleydell & Cecil Memorial Trust Essay CompetitionsThe two Mansel-Pleydell Trust essay competitions are open to anyone resident in the Dorset (including Poole and Bournemouth) or having past or present connectinos with the county.

In order to encourage diversity and competition, the Trustees, in their absolute discretion, reserve the right to exclude entries for any of the prizes from entrants who ahve previously been awarded a prize. Propsective entrants who might fall within this category should seek prior guidance from the trustees before embarking on any project intended to be entered for a prize to avoid possible disappointment.

Essay Comptition No. 1

This essay competition is for substantial essays (of about 10,000 words) reflecting original research into an aspect of Dorset's local, cultural, archaeological or natural history and which shall be of sufficient standard and interest to be published in the Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society. Sources used should be listed with full references. There are cash prizes of up to £1,000 (for an
exceptional entry), plus prizes for runners-up.

Essay Competition No. 2

This competition is for shorter essays (of about 2,000-5,000 words) relating to an aspect of Dorset's local, cultural, arachaeological or natural history which should be of a standard to be placed in the Dorset Museum Library.

There are cash prizes of up to £500

The Cecil Competition

This competition is open for any project involving the application of science which promotes interest in, and awareness of, any aspect of Dorset's local, cultural, archaological or natural history.

There are cash prizes of up to £500

Rules of entry, terms and conditions:

  • Closing date for entries is 31st December in each year
  • All proposed subjects should be notified to the Secretary before the 31st august in each year in order that proposals can be confirmed acceptable and within the terms of the Trust
  • All entries must comprise material previously unpunblished in whole or in part
  • The original texts of the essay, one further paper copy, and one electronic copy, should be submitted to the Secretary to the Trustees - details below
  • Essays may be published in the Proceedings, or placed in the Museum Library, at the Trustee's discretion
  • All Entries remain the property of the Trustees. Copyright of winning entries is vested in the Trustees, but ay be waived on application to the Secretary
  • The decision of the Trustees, who reserve the right to vary or withhold awards, shall be final.

All communications should be addresed to:

The Secretary to the Trustees
Mansel-Pleydell & Cecil Trust
Dorset Museum
High West Street
Dorset DT1 1XA

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