Call for seminar proposals

S40: 'Energy in Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad's Works

ESSE Conference 2020 (European Society for the Study of English)

Lyon, August 31st to September 4th

Call for Seminar Proposals

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The age of Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad saw the discovery of many new forms of energy: steam, gas and electricity contributed to reshaping the environment as well as the social and economic organization of the world. How did these new energies compete or interfere with older ones, like those of the human body and of nature in general? And how did the two writers accommodate, or render in prose or verse, the power of these new energies, the fascination/repulsion for their chemical/physical impulses? Aside from pure epistemology, can the notion of energy help us read the two authors differently? 


Richard Ambrosini (Università di Roma 3, Italy),

Peggy Blin-Cordon (University of Cergy-Pointoise, France),

Nathalie Martinière (Université de Limoges, France),

Please send your proposal (200-250 words) and a short biography to the convenors by January 25th 2020. The ESSE seminar format is 15-20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute question time.

Peggy Blin-Cordon (CY University, Cergy Pontoise-French Association for Thomas Hardy Studies), Nathalie Martinière (University of Limoges), Richard Ambrosini (Università di Roma 3)

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