Say NO to 4000 Homes on Hardy's Landscape!

STAND Says: Save Our Green Fields!

Say NO to 4000 Homes on Hardy's Landscape!

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Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan has earmarked the land between Charminster and Stinsford for a massive development of up to 4,000 houses.

This development will:

bury our much-loved landscape under tons of bricks and concrete
destroy valuable wildlife habitats and farmland
threaten Dorchester’s drinking water supply
• be half as big again as Poundbury
increase traffic congestion and pollution in the area
vandalise the landscape that inspired Thomas Hardy - and still not provide the truly affordable housing we need.

This massive development is opposed by: Charminster Parish Council, Stinsford Parish Council, Dorchester Town Council, Dorchester Civic Society, Dorset West MP
Chris Loder, and Wessex Water .

Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan needs a rethink. Based on government calculations it sets a housing target for Dorset of 39,000 houses. This is far too high and a
network of 60 community organisations across the county, including STAND (Save the Area North of Dorchester) agree! There are enough brownfield sites and vacant commercial properties to achieve a more realistic target of 22,000 new homes across the county over the next 17 years. We believe Dorset Council should prioritise truly affordable housing for local people.

If you agree, please write to your local councillor and sign Chris Loder’s online petition at:

Find out more about this controversial plan at:

Later this year, the Council’s plans will be subjected to a formal public examination. STAND expects that it will need specialist legal advice in order to present its case. You can support our campaign by contributing to our fighting fund. All donations, no matter how big or how small, are gratefully received. They should be sent to:


NatWest Bank

Sort Code: 60-07-01

Account No: 4434 2217

"STAND: SAVE THE AREA NORTH OF DORCHESTER" is a Private Limited Company limited by gurarantee registered at Companies House. No: 13521177


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